About us

Transform your dream of owning a home into a concrete reality with Apna Sapna, builders and property developers in Bangalore. It Started with a dream. The dream of one man then grew to encompass the dreams of over 90 talented and dedicated professionals. And to embrace wholeheartedly the dreams of thousands of customers…And Apna Sapna became almost a mantra for those looking for their perfect home.

Apna Sapna is an organization born in the 21 st century.

How is an organization set up in the new millennium different from those established before it?

Organizations, we believe, are like people: they are shaped by the times they are born in. They absorb the culture and ethos of the times they live in. They have an outlook that is distinctly different from those of an earlier generation.

So it is with Apna Sapna .

Established in 2002, this modern, dynamic and innovative company is committed to help you find the quickest route to your dream home. Yes, Apna Sapna is a modern company. However, it is founded on values and traditions that have stood the test of time.

Honesty, integrity, hard work, a passion to excel, a commitment to you and most importantly, an abiding concern for your dreams. These we believe are what defines our services and shapes our approach summed up in our motto “Your Dream Our Concern”.

So what is Apna Sapna all about?

Apna Sapna means different things to different people.

  • It means valuable savings in time and effort to those living 24 x 7 lives
  • It means convenience for those who do not have the time or the inclination to get into the confusing or laborious procedures of buying a property.
  • For those worried about the legalities of buying a property, Apna Sapna means transparent dealings and simplified procedures.
  • To those seeking their dream home, Apna Sapna is a concerned group of people that shares their dream and helps realize it.
  • For property developers, Apna Sapna is the one stop to market their projects without any hassles.
  • And to all of the above Apna Sapna spells peace of mind.
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